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45 Count Easter Egg Bath Bombs Variety Basket

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45 count Variety Basket of Easter Egg Shaped Bath Bomb Fizzies

Our Bath Bomb Fizzies are handmade in the USA. They will turn a simple bath into your own private spa! They are rich in moisturizing, detoxifying, muscle relaxing, cruelty free ingredients. Just one bath will make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of your skin! Simply fill your bathtub with warm water, unwrap and drop in a Bath Bomb Fizzy, and watch it fizz! It's an explosion of fragrance, color, butters, oils, and salts! It's so much fun. Finally, lay back & enjoy the luxury.

Pink: Watermelon Fizz
Purple: Rock Star
Yellow: Sour Patch Kids Type
Green: Apple-Berry-Licious
Orange: Juicy Florida Orange
Blue: Lollipops

Select Basket Color: Yellow, Green, Red or Brown.
8 1/2" diam x 6 3/8" tall

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