New Scents


All scents are
Phthalate Free, Vegan and
Manufactured in the USA.
(Complete Scent List - Natural Essential Oil Blends)

Berry Flirt: Bright grapefruit accents this fruity floral blend that features a heart of white flowers and red berries. Sensual wood tones and natural green accents add texture to the blend as a base of sugared coconut and clear musk creates rich sweet undertones.

Black Sea: An earthy fragrance of Lavender, Ylang, and Honeysuckle mixed with some green notes and musk and am ambergris bottom note.

Candy Crush :
Super fun concoction with blends of fruits, spun sugar, hints of caramel with bottom notes of super sweet vanilla.

Caribbean Escape:
An island breeze of fresh pineapple, casaba melon and creamy coconut

Cherry Lemonade:
Sparkling citrus is perfectly balanced with tangy cherry to create this summer beverage sensation. Sweet spun sugar completes the lively fragrance.

Coconut Crazy: This is one CRAZY GOOD coconut! Super strong and super yummy! Kaffir Lime, coconut shavings, verbena, Mexican Lime, hints of palm leaves, Jasmine petals, Indian Sandalwood and exotic musk.

Diamonds & Pearls
: Fresh and refined. A wonderful floral fragrance with top notes of freshly sliced pineapples, middle notes of rose, jasmine and fresh greens and bottom notes of sweet musk.

Dare To Be Sexy: A naughty blend of sweet sensuality and sinful fruits starring in this Oh So Sexy fragrance. Luscious peach nectar, red delicious apple and ripe blood orange lead you to the sensual floral heart. Delicate muguet and pretty pink peonies are teased by a tempting black plum, and tickled with notes of musky vanilla.

Fantasy: A beautiful floral fantasy! With fresh green and citrusy top notes; you will love how the top notes blend into the middle notes of ylang ylang, lilac, rose petals, lily and jasmine. Bottom notes of blonde woods, moss, musk and sweet vanilla and berries. This is a fabulous "blow you away"

Flip Flops: This is the best Tropical Vanilla ever! A perfect summer scent. Tons of coconut mixed into a creamy rich vanilla! This scent will blow your socks off! Very tropical. You will have to remind yourself that you are not at a beach resort waiting for a fresh cocktail and someone to rub lotion on your back!

Green Apple Explosion: Green, peely notes subtly soften the pervading sweetness of crisp ripe green apples.

Hanky Panky: WOW! YUMMY! This scent is packed with sweet and tangy oranges, pineapple, and ripe sweet berries, sugar crystals and hints of vanilla! This is crazy good and packs quite a punch!

Hello Beautiful: This shimmering white floral bouquet is a showered with dewdrops that add freshness. Hints of cassis brighten with fruity tones that blend with fresh greens and warm woods, unfolding to reveal creamed musk and golden amber.

Hibiscus Guava Fresca: A spray of fresh watery tones cools the tropical fruit top note in this fruity floral blend. An exotic blooming floral accord at the heart of the fragrance is accented with green foliage and underscored with a sweet base of creamed musk and sweet vanilla. Finishing touches of amber and sandalwood create sensual appeal.

Island Breeze: A Tropical paradise in your bath. This fragrance is luscious and dramatic! Tropical fruits blended with tropical flowers; close your eyes and you will think you are laying on a lush island retreat!

Jasmine Vanilla: Peaceful and serene. Sophisticated, beautiful, subtle, delicate, faithfully captures the essence of this flower topped with a splash for soothing vanilla.

Kiss Kiss: A fragrance so Irresistible. Sweet cotton candy and fruity citrus top notes, jasmine. lily and rose middle notes enhanced with woody , musk.

Kiwi Strawberry: An exciting tropical blend of sweet strawberries and ripe kiwi. A scent that will take you to paradise.

Lollipops: In a word - SCRUMPTIOUS! This is super fun! Lot's of sweet and sassy pop! Rich, ripe berries mixed with hints of sugary sweetness and a bit of a sassy kick.

Pink & Playful:
The scent is a blend of sweet juicy blackberry and rich and smooth vanilla. The scent is so sweet and playful, you will fall in love with this delightful fruity confection! The first sniff smells light but you end up with a lovely, prominent aroma. You won't be able to resist this delicate blend of juicy blackberry, creamy vanilla, hints of musk, jasmine and lily of the valley.

Pink Elephant: This is such a fun fragrance. You will love this frivolous scent. Sweet and tart and totally fabulous. Sweet, ripe honeydew, hints of kiwi and mandarin. Watermelon and cherry notes with the tiniest hint of cassis bring out the full bodied middle notes with a sugared musk bottom note with a shot of tart apricot.

Prince Charming: A soothing, herbaceous fragrance of soft lavender and crushed cardamom blended with sensual oakmoss and just a touch of amber rose. Sweet, yet completely sophisticated.

Pink Sands: Treat yourself to an exotic island escape with the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla. The perfect scent for escaping the winter blues or setting just the right mood any time of the year. The beautifully blended scents of the islands will captivate you and bring memories of favorite vacations rushing back.

Sex :Lush Type: A come hither blend of intoxicating floral and subtle, romantic musk that is sure to drive you wild! Orange accents this shimmering floral bouquet as it unfolds with tones of lily, violet, lavender and orange flower. Velvety base notes of creamed musk add sensuality.

Sea Minerals: A refreshing blend of ocean breeze and apple peel with cool notes of blue lotus and eucalyptus and refreshing touches of sea botanicals and sandalwood.

Twisted Mermaid:  A totally yummy, scrumptious combination of berries and citrus with sugary sweetness and hints of vanilla in the bottom notes. Refreshing! You will have fun with this blend.

Walk In The Woods: Fresh herbaceous notes and soothing lavender are blended with warm cedar and fresh cypress in this woodland fantasy. Patchouli enriches the botanical tones as it leads to the base of cashmere woods.

Watermelon Sorbet:
A yummy frozen delight! On sniff and you will be hooked! A perfect blend of juicy summer watermelon. Clean and refreshing.