About Us

The Island Bath & Body began as a mother-daughter activity in 2002. Owner Joanne Green and her daughter, Samantha Abby, were searching for a remedy for Joanne's itchy, painful skin allergies. They found that the soothing, moisturizing ingredients in their bath and body products without all the harsh ingredients found in some other companies' products soothed Joanne's terrible skin allergies. Over time it grew into a full-time, family business.

Our mission at The Island Bath & Body is to help everyone that suffers from dry, itchy, painful skin to live a pain-free, beautiful life. We only use the highest quality ingredients to provide everyone with a superb healing experience. We formulate, blend, and hand-make all of our products ourselves to ensure the best quality for our customers. We do not use pre-packaged bases. We use the best raw ingredients in our products. We also hand-package each product in house. From start to finish, every detail is perfected by hand to create the most fragrant, moisture-rich, soothing bath and body treats just for you!

Our products are NEVER tested on animals and contain a high percentage of natural ingredients. You will not find mineral oils, parabens, phthalate, SLS, or SLSE in our products.

Give us a call at (239)-699-6658 or drop us an email at Sales@TheIslandBath.com